Real Food Share

Nearly 30% of Newtown, CT residents are food insecure*.

Everyone in this town deserves a healthy meal whenever they want it. Become part of our five year plan to produce and secure enough nutrient dense food for those who need it.

*(2018, United Way)

Project Plan


Phase 1 is Under Way: Farming our Land

The Sticks and Stones Vegetable Garden is being restored to full capacity. The pristinely kept organic lot at the front of the property has never been touched with any chemicals or unnatural fertilizers. We expect to grow and donate over a thousand pounds of vegetables this summer and even more in years to come.

Phase 2 is in Planning: Raised Beds

Raised beds used to be a staple of the Connecticut (and American) home fronts. We are planning on collaborating with neighbors and organizations to grow vegetables in as many places as possible.

Phase 3: Food Waste

We will coordinate efforts with our local food providers to make sure no food in our town goes wasted, maximizing every resource available.

Phase 4: A Home Base and Marketplace

We are searching for a plot of land to call home. We will farm the land, host a marketplace and culinary kitchen, and serve fresh and nutrient-dense meals. Education, resources, and volunteer opportunities will be available for all who are interested.


We Need Volunteers Now!  Every Saturday we are working the land at Sticks and Stones. Tuesday and Thursday will be harvest days to bring down to Faith Food Pantry. 

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My name is Sean Fitzpatrick and I have been coaching fitness, health, and nutrition for almost 20 years. My passion is rooted in the belief that access to nutrient-dense food is a right for all and an absolute necessity for the health of this and future generations.  Real Food Share is applying for 501(c)(3) status once a board of directors has been decided upon. 

Newtown already has so many community driven projects that are doing great work, together we can be even stronger.  Regenerative farming, dedicated soil care, education, collaboration and connection with the healing power of nature is the heart of this project.

The potential is unlimited. I am looking to talk to and collaborate with anyone who wants to make a difference. 


Reach out to us! We’d love the opportunity to collaborate with anyone who wants to make a difference. 


Sean Fitzpatrick
Founder, Real Food Share

Sticks and Stones
Vegetable Garden
197 Huntingtown Rd
Newtown, CT 06470